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Good Health & Medical Marijuana | Delta 9 Tips for Well-being

Feb 28th

Good Health & Medical Marijuana | Delta 9 Tips for Well-being

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Mood ElevationVan Nuys Collective

Certain strains of medical marijuana, especially those of sativa variety can help alleviate stress and anxiety. Try Purple Diesel, Jack the Ripper, Sour Diesel, White Widow, Lambs Bread, Blue Dream, or Sage. All of these strains and more are available at Delta 9 Collective in Van Nuys, CA.


Creativity Enhancement

Medicinal cannabis is known to inspire new thoughts and ideas in some patients who are open to that sort of experience. Expanding frames of mind, one can tap into a holistic healing potential. D9 offers high quality, lab-tested medical marijuana strains at reasonable prices everyday of the week.


THC May Burn Fat

Did you know that some cannabinoids are rumored to accelerate your metabolism? Everyone always talks about getting the munchies and being lazy when it comes to medical cannabis use. However, in a lot of patients, it is also a little known fact that medical marijuana can also encourage exercise and energetic activity.


It May Lengthen Your LifeMarijuana Health

A study at a Floridian University indicates that cannabinoids may increase mortality. That’s right, medical marijuana use for qualifying patients may lengthen your life! You can try edibles, concentrates, and other varieties at Delta 9 seven days per week.


Appetite Stimulation

This one is an easy one. Many strains of medical marijuana, especially indica strains, Alaskan Thunder Fuck, Jack Herer, Platinum Purple Kush, Alien OG, King Kush, Diablo OG, Skywalker OG, Jedi OG, Stoops OG, OG #5, Purple Urkle, Chem Dawg, Blackcherry Soda, Pure OG, Utopia, and Grape Ape can help patients who experience a loss of appetite, and they all available at Delta 9 Collective.

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